Childbirth classes not fitting into your busy schedule? Just need a refresher class? I’ve got it covered for you in my blog “Robins Birth Cheat Sheet”.  It’s chock full of information and tips to get you and Mom through one of the most memorable events in your life.

So … Congratulations!!! You’ve been invited to be somebody’s labor coach! Either that or you’re pregnant. This blog will help the both of you.  If you just need a refresher, you can start by checking out the “Labor Basics” section in the pull down.  Then proceed to Coaches Column for tips that can be used to prepare for labor and during labor.  If you’re a total newbie to the birthing scene, you should start with Labor Basics and sign up to have my posts delivered right to your email box.  They are short and to the point and provide lots of useful information. When you have time, you can go back and read some of the previous posts.

Survival of the Fittest” will cover a range of topics relating to labor, childbirth and newborns. Last, but not least, the “Top Tens” will be a list of top ten’s that relate to coaching, labor or babies.

Reading this column weekly will help the time challenged coach, repeat coach or distant coach become a better, more confident guide through labor. This blog should not replace childbirth classes, as classes can offer expectant families, the camaraderie of others living through the same excitement, joys, fears and doubts (and complaints)  that Mom and Dad or coach are experiencing.  Sometimes its nice for Mom to know that she’s not the only one that’s been nauseous for the last seven months or who’s feet can swell to two times their normal size on any given day.